Moke Electric Car: The Ultimate Beach Cruiser

If you are looking for a fun, eco-friendly, and stylish way to enjoy the beach, you might want to check out the Moke electric car. The Moke is a modern revival of the classic Mini Moke, a lightweight and open-air vehicle that was originally designed for the military in the 1960s, but became popular among celebrities and beach lovers around the world. The Moke electric car preserves the iconic design and spirit of the original, but with a 21st-century twist: it runs on pure electric power, making it zero-emission and whisper-quiet.

The Moke electric car is manufactured in the UK by Moke International, a company that acquired the rights to the Moke brand in 2015 and relaunched it with a new and improved version. The Moke electric car is assembled in France, using a mix of UK-made and locally sourced parts. The Moke electric car has an aluminium body, which reduces the weight and increases the durability of the vehicle. The Moke electric car also has upgraded brakes, suspension, and chassis components, as well as new safety features and technology.

The Moke electric car is powered by a 33 kW electric motor, which provides enough torque and speed for a smooth and enjoyable ride. The Moke electric car can accelerate from 0 to 55 km/h in 4.5 seconds, and reach a top speed of 100 km/h. The Moke electric car has a range of up to 144 km on a single charge, which can be done in 4 hours using a standard household plug. The Moke electric car also has regenerative braking, which recovers some of the energy lost during braking and extends the battery life.

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The Moke electric car is designed for the most beautiful places on the planet, as the company slogan says. The Moke electric car is ideal for cruising along the coast, exploring the countryside, or driving around town. The Moke electric car has a spacious and comfortable interior, with four seats and plenty of legroom. The Moke electric car also has a heated windscreen, power steering, and a digital dashboard. The Moke electric car comes in 13 different colours, ranging from Flamingo Pink to Florida Orange, so you can choose the one that suits your personality and style.

The Moke electric car is not only a great vehicle for yourself, but also for the environment and the community. The Moke electric car is carbon-free and sustainable, which means it does not contribute to air pollution or climate change. The Moke electric car is also a partner and sponsor of the Blue Marine Foundation, a charity that works to protect the oceans and marine life. The Moke electric car supports the foundation’s projects and campaigns, and donates a percentage of its sales to the cause.

The Moke electric car is available to order online, and costs £29,150 ($A54,000), which is more expensive than the previous petrol version, but cheaper than some other electric cars. The Moke electric car is currently sold in the UK and some Caribbean markets, but the company plans to expand to other regions, including Australia, where the Moke has a loyal fan base and a long history. The Moke electric car is expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2022, so you can start planning your next beach adventure now.

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The Moke electric car is a unique and attractive option for anyone who loves the sun, the sand, and the sea. The Moke electric car combines the charm and nostalgia of the original Moke with the innovation and efficiency of electric power. The Moke electric car is more than just a car, it is a lifestyle. The Moke electric car is a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. The Moke electric car is the ultimate beach cruiser.