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Welcome to Soma Power

Soma Power Pty Ltd have specialised in renewable energy since 1981.

We manufacture the Soma range of wind generators which are sold throughout Australia and overseas.
We also design, install and service hybrid solar/wind stand-alone power systems and grid connect renewable energy systems.

Our many years of practical field experience in Australia and overseas have taught us the importance of reliability when it comes to selecting components and designing products and systems.

We are fully accredited (A1021095) for design and installation of renewable energy systems by the CEC (Clean Energy Council of Australia) and BCSE (Business Council for Sustainable Energy). We also have an Electrical Contractor’s Licence (223089C) as well as Electrical Engineering personnel on staff.

We aim to provide our clients with system reliability and professional service. It’s also rewarding to be involved in an industry that is providing part of the answer to global warming.

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